Dane EK modułowego:
Efekt kształcenia:
Understands and identifies the theoretical and practical issues of small business management
Powiązania z EKK:
  • MS1A_W16
    elementary knowledge of the protection of intellectual property and patent laws
  • MS1A_W17
    elementary knowledge of management, including quality management and business activity
  • MS1A_U01
    ability to acquire information from literature, databases and other sources, integrate, select and interpret the information, draw conclusions, formulate and justify opinions
  • MS1A_U02
    ability to work individually or in team, to estimate the time needed to complete an assigned task; able to develop and complete a schedule of works and meet the deadlines
  • MS1A_K04
    awareness of the responsibility for own work and readiness to comply with the rules of team work and accepting responsibility for tasks performed collectively