Dane EK modułowego:
English B2 course - compulsory course of 150 hours for students of MECHATRONICS with ENGLISH as the instruction language at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics - semester 2/4
Efekt kształcenia:
Has sufficient general knowledge and knows grammatical structures , phraseology and vocabulary necessary to understand general interest texts, contemporary socio-economic texts, academic texts and special interest text related to their field of study also allowing interaction with a degree of fluency and spontaneity for academic and professional purposes. Knows about the phenomena and processes in the contemporary world and work environment.
Powiązania z EKK:
  • MS1A_U02
    ability to work individually or in team, to estimate the time needed to complete an assigned task; able to develop and complete a schedule of works and meet the deadlines
  • MS1A_U05
    English language skills sufficient to communicate and read data sheets, application notes, manuals of the components of mechatronic systems, IT tools and other similar documents
  • MS1A_K03
    awareness of the importance of professional conduct, observing professional ethics and respect of different standpoints and cultures
  • MS1A_K07
    awareness of the social role of a graduate of technical studies, especially as regards the need to formulate and communicate to society, via the media, information and opinions regarding the achievements of mechatronics and other aspects of the activity of a mechatronic engineer; striving to convey such information and opinions in a commonly understandable manner