Dane EK modułowego:
Strength of materials
Efekt kształcenia:
Student comprehends assumptions and basic concepts of strength of materials, in particular: a concept of an internal force, sectional forces, a state of stress, a state of strain, constitutive description of material.
Powiązania z EKK:
  • MS1A_W01
    extensive knowledge of mathematics, including algebra, analysis, probabilistics and elements of discrete and applied mathematics, including numerical and mathematical methods, necessary for formulating and solving complex problems in mechatronics
  • MS1A_W02
    knowledge of physics, including oscillating and wave motion, thermodynamics, optics, electricity and magnetisms and solid state physics, including the knowledge necessary for understanding basic physical phenomena occurring in mechatronic systems and components and their surroundings
  • MS1A_W08
    well-ordered and theory-based knowledge of technical mechanics necessary for formulating and solving problems in mechatronics