Dane EK modułowego:
Industrial robots
Efekt kształcenia:
Can select and design a robot gripper (mechanism, driving system, sensory system and power supply)
Powiązania z EKK:
  • MS1A_U02
    ability to work individually or in team, to estimate the time needed to complete an assigned task; able to develop and complete a schedule of works and meet the deadlines
  • MS1A_U03
    ability to develop documentation related to the completion of an engineering task and prepare text discussing the results of the task
  • MS1A_U08
    ability to use properly selected programming environments, simulators and computer aided design tools for the simulation, design and verification of components of mechatronic devices and systems
  • MS1A_U11
    ability to perform critical analysis of the performance and assess the existing technical solutions in mechatronic devices and systems
  • MS1A_U12
    ability to design simple mechatronic devices or systems for various applications, taking into consideration the required operating and economic criteria, using proper methods, techniques and tools
  • MS1A_U13
    ability to use data sheets and application notes to select appropriate components of the mechatronic device or system being designed
  • MS1A_U15
    ability to select a kinematic structure and design a mechanical structure for it with the aim of performing specified functions using properly selected computer aided design (CAD) and engineering (CAE) software
  • MS1A_U20
    ability to evaluate the usefulness of routine methods and tools for solving simple engineering tasks typical for mechatronics and select and apply proper methods and tools