Warunki rekrutacji na studia:
Wymagania wstępne i dodatkowe:

The candidates should have general knowledge in the natural sciences and the skills to use it in their work and life with the legal and ethical principles. The candidates should understand and analyze the processes that take place in nature, and the human impact on the environment. They should know the basic technological issues relevant to geophysics and they should regard the principles of sustainable development. The candidates should have the skills that allow them active participation in the team work, perform the assigned tasks, and using of professional literature. They should have the ability to conduct laboratory and field work and organize safe and efficient operating positions of such work. They also should demonstrate knowledge of English at level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Zasady rekrutacji:

The basic condition for starting the II degree of study is to possess by a candidate the engineer or equivalent diploma that is gathered in the same or related field of study. If the candidate has not completed the I degree of study in Geophysics, then along with the standard application documents he/she must attach a supplement to the diploma that includes the list of courses completed during the first level of his/her study. The decision whether the candidate could be recruited or not is taken by the Vice-Dean for Education. The decision is based on analysis of the supplement and its compliance with the National Qualifications Framework effects that are required at the I degree of Geophysics conducted on Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection. A positive decision allows the candidate to take the entrance examination.
The entrance examination must be taken by all candidates. Examination set includes dozens of questions from subjects carried out in Geophysics on the first level of study at the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protections. If the candidate has graduated in the I degree of Geophysics from Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protections, then the mark from entrance examination can be replaced by the mark from final engineering exam. In order to take advantage of this opportunity the candidate must submit a proper application to the Recruitment Committee.
Positive result of the entrance examination allows the candidate to be included in the ranking list.
The basis for the ranking list is the recruitment rate, calculated according to the general formula:
W = wE • E + wS • S (1) where:
- E is the number of points obtained from the qualification test or the interview that will be evaluated from 0 to 100 points; getting less than 50 points eliminates the candidate from further recruitment procedure.
- S is the average mark from the I degree study or full time MSc study that is multiplied by factor 20 (when the university grading scale was from2 to 5) or by factor 16.67 (where the university grading scale was from 2 to 6);
- wE is the weight of points obtained from the qualification test, and wE equals 6
- wS – the weight of the average mark from the I degree study or full time MSc study, and wS equals 4.
Note: In case of small number of candidates the II degree of study in Geophysics may not start.
If the candidate is an UST AGH graduate then the E component in eq. (1) may be taken from engineering final exam that was passed at the same Faculty and at the same academic year, and is confirmed by the official exam report. The scope, content and form of the qualification test are identical to the scope, content and form of the final engineering exam. The Faculty has the rights to accept the results of the final exam of UST AGH graduates from the same field of study that is carried out by the other Faculties of UST AGH.
Additional recruitment criteria for second level of study of Geophysics include:
- completed I degree of full time MSc study at related field of study, however at least 60% of subject must be compatible with standards of education at I degree of Geophysics.
Maximum number of students at the II degree of Geophysics is 60. If the number of candidates is less than the set limit, all candidates who received a positive result of the entrance examination are accepted. Otherwise, the candidates are admitted according to a place in the ranking list.
When submitting documents to the Recruitment Committee, candidates may specify their preferences regarding particular specialization in a given major. The final decision on the allocation of a specific specialization takes the Vice-Dean for Education.

Dolny limit ilości studentów:


Ogólna charakterystyka kierunku studiów:
Geologii, Geofizyki i Ochrony Środowiska
Poziom studiów:
Studia II stopnia
Typ studiów:
Profil kształcenia:
Ogólnoakademicki (A)
Obszar kształcenia:
Nauk przyrodniczych
Tytuł zawodowy uzyskiwany przez absolwenta:
Magister inżynier
Czas trwania studiów (liczba semestrów):
Termin rozpoczęcia cyklu:
Semestr letni
Liczba punktów ECTS konieczna dla uzyskania kwalifikacji (tytułu zawodowego):
Dziedziny nauk, do których odnoszą się zakładane efekty kształcenia:
Dyscypliny naukowe, do których odnoszą się zakładane efekty kształcenia:
Związek kierunku studiów ze strategią rozwoju AGH oraz misją AGH:

The mission of the AGH University Science and Technology in Krakow involves educating students in the fields of critical importance to the economy based on knowledge, which are essential for a dynamic and sustainable development of the country and Europe. This strategy is to continually improve the level of education, while adapting it to the current requirements of the labor market. The directions of critical importance to the economy include the direction of Geophysics. This branch of science deals with, inter alia, engineering projects aimed at prospecting deposits, geological environment monitoring, geotechnical testing ground conditions as well as the study of mass movements.

Nazwa specjalności:
Applied geophysics

Zasady dotyczące struktury studiów (zasady studiowania)

Dopuszczalny deficyt punktowy:


Semestry kontrolne:
Zasady wpisu na kolejny semestr:

In order to obtain registration for the next semester, the credit book should be submitted to Dean’s office on the date specified by the Dean. In accordance with the § 17 paragraph 8 of the AGH Study Regulation, there is acceptable point deficit of ECTS points that is specified in § 17. paragraph 9 of the AGH Study Regulation. In addition, registration for the second semester is possible when a diploma thesis topic is chosen. Control semester can be completed only if additional requirements which are mentioned in § 7 paragraph 11 of the AGH Study Regulations are met.

Studia indywidualne:


Zasady ustalania końcowej oceny studiów:

The final evaluation of the II degree of Geophysics study is a weighted average of the following components:
a / assessment of the thesis, which is the arithmetic mean of the thesis issued by the tutor (faculty advisor) and the reviewer (with a weight of 0.2),
b / the average grade of the study, calculated in accordance with the AGH Study Regulations § 14 (with weight 0.6),
c / Master’s final exam grade, as determined by the commission, which is the arithmetic mean of the written final exam Master, Master thesis presentation and answers to questions related to thesis (with a weight of 0.2).



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