Module learning outcome data:
Systemy komórkowe
Learning outcome:
Zna i rozumie metody współdzielenia zasobów transmisyjnych w sieci o strukturze komórkowej.
Connections with FLO:
  • TE1A_W04
    understands how to characterize telecommunication signals in both time and frequency domains; is familiar with techniques of analogue and digital signals transmission, communication channel, coding, modulation and cryptography;
  • TE1A_W06
    is familiar with interactive multimedia services, elements of multimedia transmission, processing and coding of sound, video and text data;
  • TE1A_W07
    demonstrates detailed knowledge of signaling techniques and management approaches in telecommunication networks, services and systems;
  • TE1A_W09
    has extensive and detailed knowledge of wireless communication techniques, wireless networks and systems, as well as optical networks;
  • TE1A_W17
    demonstrates sound knowledge in the area of protocols and mechanisms for data traffic control and service in telecommunication networks;