Module learning outcome data:
Systemy komórkowe
Learning outcome:
Zna metodykę planowania radiowych sieci dostępowych.
Connections with FLO:
  • TE1A_W07
    demonstrates detailed knowledge of signaling techniques and management approaches in telecommunication networks, services and systems;
  • TE1A_W08
    has extensive and detailed knowledge of electromagnetic waves and their propagation, including the knowledge required for understanding the issues of wired and wireless data transmission;
  • TE1A_W09
    has extensive and detailed knowledge of wireless communication techniques, wireless networks and systems, as well as optical networks;
  • TE1A_W13
    knows and understands the layered OSI/ISO model for telecommunication protocols and devices, as well as the functions specific for each layer;
  • TE1A_W14
    has detailed knowledge of computer architecture, operating systems and computer networking, required for deployment and maintenance of devices for data processing, including designing and simulation of computer networks and systems;
  • TE1A_W15
    has detailed knowledge of devices in computer (including wireless and optical) networks, as well as their deployment, configuration and maintenance;
  • TE1A_W17
    demonstrates sound knowledge in the area of protocols and mechanisms for data traffic control and service in telecommunication networks;
  • TE1A_W18
    has basic knowledge of metrology; is familiar with methods of typical measurements performed with devices in computer and telecommunication networks; is familiar with methods and tools for measurement data analysis;
  • TE1A_W21
    is familiar with trends and current achievements of telecommunications, computer science and electronics;
  • TE1A_W22
    has basic knowledge of the life cycle of network devices and telecommunication systems;
  • TE1A_W23
    demonstrates basic knowledge required for understanding non-technical aspects of engineer activities; is familiar with the basic rules of occupational health and safety in ICT companies;