Module learning outcome data:
Security of Teleinformatic Systems
Learning outcome:
Potrafi podać przykładowe współczesne algorytmy kryptograficzne oraz zna różnice między szyframi symetrycznymi, szyframi asymetrycznymi i funkcjami skrótu
Connections with FLO:
  • TE1A_W01
    demonstrates knowledge of mathematics in the area of algebra, analysis, probability, statistics, numerical and computational methods, required for the description, modeling and further analysis of: 1) performance of electrical circuits, electronic elements and devices, as well as physical phenomena occurring there; 2) performance of network devices; 3) signal processing algorithms, including sound and video; 4) coding, modulation and encryption techniques; 5) computer and telecommunication networks;
  • TE1A_W14
    has detailed knowledge of computer architecture, operating systems and computer networking, required for deployment and maintenance of devices for data processing, including designing and simulation of computer networks and systems;
  • TE1A_W19
    has sound knowledge in the area of ICT security and data encryption;