Module learning outcome data:
Security of Teleinformatic Systems
Learning outcome:
Dysponuje podstawową wiedzą z zakresu kryptografii
Connections with FLO:
  • TE1A_W01
    demonstrates knowledge of mathematics in the area of algebra, analysis, probability, statistics, numerical and computational methods, required for the description, modeling and further analysis of: 1) performance of electrical circuits, electronic elements and devices, as well as physical phenomena occurring there; 2) performance of network devices; 3) signal processing algorithms, including sound and video; 4) coding, modulation and encryption techniques; 5) computer and telecommunication networks;
  • TE1A_W04
    understands how to characterize telecommunication signals in both time and frequency domains; is familiar with techniques of analogue and digital signals transmission, communication channel, coding, modulation and cryptography;
  • TE1A_W19
    has sound knowledge in the area of ICT security and data encryption;