Module learning outcome data:
Basics of groundwater modeling
Learning outcome:
Potrafi wykonać obliczenia modelowe, dokonać analizy i zaprezentować ich wyniki
Connections with FLO:
  • IS1A_U01
    The graduate is able to obtain information from literature, databases and other sources , including the Internet and patent information , also in English as a language of international communication in the field of environmental engineering; is able to integrate the obtained information, draw basic conclusions and formulate and justify simple opinions
  • IS1A_U04
    The graduate is able to prepare and deliver, both in Polish and in English, a short presentation on the results of the addressed problem or engineering project
  • IS1A_U07
    The graduate uses computer programs to perform typical environmental engineering tasks, including a spreadsheet, statistical analysis software, vector graphics software, raster graphics processing software
  • IS1A_U10
    The graduate is able to plan and carry out experiments and numerical models, including performing numerical simulations of phenomena or processes taking place in such areas as renewable energy, water management and supply, environmental geotechnics, environmental monitoring, waste management, reclamation and revitalization of degraded areas, sustainable development engineering; is able to interpret the results and draw basic conclusions