Module learning outcome data:
Hydrogeological English
Learning outcome:
Student is able to description of hydrogeological conditions and groundwater flow, and prepare related field work report or project. Student have ability to present reports in hydrogeological English.
Connections with FLO:
  • IS1A_U01
    The graduate is able to obtain information from literature, databases and other sources , including the Internet and patent information , also in English as a language of international communication in the field of environmental engineering; is able to integrate the obtained information, draw basic conclusions and formulate and justify simple opinions
  • IS1A_U03
    The graduate is able to compile documentation, both in Polish and in English, on the implementation of a simple task or project in the field of environmental engineering and is able to prepare a text discussing the results of the task or project
  • IS1A_U04
    The graduate is able to prepare and deliver, both in Polish and in English, a short presentation on the results of the addressed problem or engineering project
  • IS1A_U05
    The graduate possesses the skill of self-study, which he uses , i.a. in order to improve professional competence