Module learning outcome data:
Social competence
Geothermal energy
Learning outcome:
Student ma świadomość i rozumie ekonomiczne, społeczne i ekologiczne skutki działalności inżyniera w zakresie poszukiwania, eksploatacji złóż geotermalnych, a także projektowania instalacji geotermalnych
Connections with FLO:
  • EZ1A_K07
    The graduate is aware of the importance of the non-technical aspects and understands the effects of the activity of the engineer (specialist in the field of ecological and renewable energy sources), including its environmental impact and the associated responsibility for the decisions taken
  • IS1A_U15
    The graduate is able to perform a critical analysis of reliability and to assess the potential for use of the existing technical solutions, in particular, equipment, facilities, systems and processes in areas such as renewable energy, water management and supply, environmental geotechnics, environmental monitoring, waste management, reclamation and revitalization of degraded areas, mineral engineering, sustainable development engineering and air protection
  • IS1A_K02
    The graduate is aware of the importance and understands the non-technical aspects and consequences of the engineering activity, particularly its environmental impact as well as related dilemmas and responsibility for decisions taken
  • IS1A_K03
    The graduate is aware of their responsibility and is able to identify priorities for the realization of a task; is willing to constructively engage with others and take responsibility for jointly implemented tasks