Module learning outcome data:
Learning outcome:
Student ma wiedzę w zakresie podstaw wirusologii i bakteriologii.
Connections with FLO:
  • OS1A_W04
    The graduate has basic knowledge of selected aspects of biology, microbiology, biochemistry.
  • OS1A_W13
    The graduate has knowledge of basic techniques and research tools used in soil science, geophysics, remediation, renaturation and geochemistry, biochemistry, microbiology.
  • OS1A_W14
    The graduate understands the links between the achievements of mathematical and natural sciences and environmental sciences and the possibilities of their use in socio-economic life, taking into account the sustainable use of biological diversity.
  • OS1A_U13
    The graduate is capable of self –guided, targeted learning.
  • OS1A_K01
    The graduate understands the need for lifelong learning.
  • OS1A_K05
    The graduate understands the need to improve professional and personal skills.