Module learning outcome data:
Social competence
Learning outcome:
Student potrafi pracować w grupie, krytycznie analizować wyniki prac doświadczalnych.
Connections with FLO:
  • OS1A_W15
    The graduate has basic knowledge of the principles of health and safety at work, and of ergonomics.
  • OS1A_U04
    The graduate performs simple research assignments or expertise under the guidance of a scientific supervisor.
  • OS1A_U09
    The graduate demonstrates the ability to correctly analyze and interpret data from different sources.
  • OS1A_U10
    The graduate uses scientific language in discourses with specialists in mathematical and natural sciences, and environmental sciences.
  • OS1A_U11
    The graduate is able to prepare, both in Polish and in a foreign language, a well-documented elaboration about problems in the field of mathematical and natural sciences, and environmental sciences.
  • OS1A_U13
    The graduate is capable of self –guided, targeted learning.
  • OS1A_U16
    The graduate can plan and conduct experiments and measurements in laboratory and field conditions, interpret the results and draw conclusions.
  • OS1A_K02
    The graduate is able to interact and work in a group, undertaking various roles.
  • OS1A_K05
    The graduate understands the need to improve professional and personal skills.
  • OS1A_K06
    The graduate is responsible for safety of their work and others’; can act in emergency situations.