Module learning outcome data:
Heat pump - project
Learning outcome:
Student w oparciu o postawione wymagania, korzystając z różnych źródeł wiedzy, potrafi zaprojektować system grzewczy z pompą ciepła, również współpracującą z innymi źródłami energii
Connections with FLO:
  • EZ1A_U05
    The graduate can use known rules and methods of physics and the corresponding mathematical tools to solve common tasks; can perform physical measurements and develop and present their results
  • EZ1A_U07
    The graduate possesses the skill of self-study, which he uses , i.a. in order to improve professional competence
  • EZ1A_U10
    The graduate is able to broaden his knowledge by studying professional literature and is able to use the scientific and technical language
  • EZ1A_U16
    The graduate can design energy installation based on ecological and renewable energy sources and carry out a technical and economic analysis against the conventional energy systems