Module learning outcome data:
Wind Investments - project
Learning outcome:
Student potrafi zaprojektować inwestycje wiatrową
Connections with FLO:
  • EZ1A_W03
    The graduate has systematized knowledge of atmospheric structure and basic phenomena occurring in it; knows basic concepts relating to atmosphere components
  • EZ1A_W09
    The graduate has knowledge of meteorology, climatology, hydrology, hydrogeology and environmental protection, allowing for analysis of the possible use of available renewable energy sources
  • EZ1A_W11
    The graduate has knowledge of the installations and district heating as well as of the equipment using ecological and renewable sources of energy, including their life cycles and environmental consequences of their disposal
  • EZ1A_U03
    The graduate can conduct, using basic statistical methods, algorithms and information technologies, a proper analysis of data on the phenomena and processes taking place in nature as regards obtaining energy from renewable sources
  • EZ1A_U11
    The graduate can design heating and cooling - heating systems using ecological and renewable energy sources
  • EZ1A_U15
    The graduate can perform simulations and execute projects on specialized software
  • EZ1A_U17
    The graduate is capable of selecting and analyzing simple energy systems to meet the expected requirements