Module learning outcome data:
Methods of phase analysis
Learning outcome:
Potrafi zinterpretować wyniki analiz rentgenograficznych, termicznych i spektroskopowych próbek o nieskomplikowanym składzie fazowym
Connections with FLO:
  • OS1A_W01
    The graduate has knowledge of geology and hydrology, including the basics of general geology, mineralogy and petrography, geomorphology and quaternary geology, hydrology and hydrogeology, applicable to understanding, describing and analyzing selected environmental protection issues.
  • OS1A_U01
    The graduate applies basic techniques and research tools in the field of mathematical and natural sciences, and environmental sciences; interprets the results of analyses.
  • OS1A_U04
    The graduate performs simple research assignments or expertise under the guidance of a scientific supervisor.
  • OS1A_U16
    The graduate can plan and conduct experiments and measurements in laboratory and field conditions, interpret the results and draw conclusions.
  • OS1A_U17
    The graduate can use analytical, simulation and experimental methods to formulate and solve engineering tasks.