Module learning outcome data:
Mineral engineering in environmental protection
Learning outcome:
Umie zaprojektować i wykonać eksperyment syntezy wybranych odmian kompozytów i materiałów mineralnych, dokonać ich charakterystyki chemicznej i fazowej oraz wskazać ich zastosowanie w ochronie środowiska
Connections with FLO:
  • OS1A_W10
    The graduate has knowledge of chemistry, including the foundations of inorganic chemistry and the basis of selected aspects of organic chemistry, knows the basic properties of the most important chemical elements and groups of compounds, applicable to understanding the basics of selected issues of environmental chemistry and environmental pollution.
  • OS1A_W18
    The graduate has basic knowledge of quality management in research, projects, technical and technological ventures and other environmental science activities.
  • OS1A_W21
    The graduate knows basic methods, techniques, tools and materials used to solve simple engineering tasks related to environmental protection.
  • OS1A_U03
    The graduate uses available sources of information, including electronic sources.
  • OS1A_U16
    The graduate can plan and conduct experiments and measurements in laboratory and field conditions, interpret the results and draw conclusions.
  • OS1A_U21
    The graduate can identify and formulate specifications for simple engineering tasks of a practical nature, typical for the environmental protection.
  • OS1A_U22
    The graduate can evaluate the suitability of routine methods and tools to solve a simple engineering task of a practical nature, typical for the environmental protection; can select and apply the appropriate method and tools.