Module learning outcome data:
Basics of power enginering
Learning outcome:
Student ma wiedzę w zakresie wykorzystania i przetwarzania energii z rożnych źródeł.
Connections with FLO:
  • EZ1A_W06
    The graduate has knowledge of physics, including general physics, physical quantities, fundamental effects, mechanics of the material point and rigid body, vibrational and wave motion, thermodynamics, statics, electricity, magnetism and optics ; knows the principles of conducting and developing physical measurements, uncertainty measurements and methods of determining them
  • EZ1A_W11
    The graduate has knowledge of the installations and district heating as well as of the equipment using ecological and renewable sources of energy, including their life cycles and environmental consequences of their disposal
  • EZ1A_W17
    The graduate knows the basic techniques used to describe technical objects and systems