Module learning outcome data:
Learning outcome:
Ma wiedzę na temat zjawisk ekstremalnych w ciekach (wezbrania i niżówki) i prawdopodobieństwa ich wystąpienia. Rozumie wpływ stanu ilościowego i jakościowego wód podziemnych w okresach niżówek na ekosystemy zależne od tych wód.
Connections with FLO:
  • OS1A_W01
    The graduate has knowledge of geology and hydrology, including the basics of general geology, mineralogy and petrography, geomorphology and quaternary geology, hydrology and hydrogeology, applicable to understanding, describing and analyzing selected environmental protection issues.
  • OS1A_W14
    The graduate understands the links between the achievements of mathematical and natural sciences and environmental sciences and the possibilities of their use in socio-economic life, taking into account the sustainable use of biological diversity.
  • OS1A_W21
    The graduate knows basic methods, techniques, tools and materials used to solve simple engineering tasks related to environmental protection.
  • OS1A_W22
    The graduate has basic knowledge necessary to understand social, economic, legal and other non-technical determinants of environmental protection engineering.