Module learning outcome data:
Social competence
Matematyka I
Learning outcome:
potrafi w sposób pełny i zrozumiały opracować i zaprezentować sprawozdanie z zadanego problemu
Connections with FLO:
  • EZ1A_U08
    The graduate can prepare and deliver a short presentation on the studied issues, both in Polish and in English
  • EZ1A_U09
    The graduate can prepare, both in Polish and in English, a presentation containing the possible solutions to the addressed problem and prepare the necessary technical documentation
  • EZ1A_K02
    The graduate can appropriately determine the priorities for accomplishing a task as determined by themselves or others
  • EZ1A_K03
    The graduate exhibits self-responsibility for their individual contribution; has the ability to work in a team and is willing to take responsibility for jointly implemented tasks