Module learning outcome data:
Systemy zarządzania środowiskiem
Learning outcome:
Student potrafi opracować procedury wdrożenia SZS, działań korygujących i kontroli w przedsiębiorstwie
Connections with FLO:
  • OS1A_U09
    The graduate demonstrates the ability to correctly analyze and interpret data from different sources.
  • OS1A_U10
    The graduate uses scientific language in discourses with specialists in mathematical and natural sciences, and environmental sciences.
  • OS1A_U19
    The graduate can conduct a preliminary economic analysis of undertaken engineering activities in the field of environmental protection.
  • OS1A_U20
    The graduate is capable of critical analysis and evaluation of the performance of the existing technical solutions, in particular, of the equipment, facilities, systems, processes and services, in the field of environmental protection.