Module learning outcome data:
Environmental risk assessment
Learning outcome:
potrafi wykonać projekt analizy ryzyka opierający sie na obliczeniu wartości ryzyka oraz przygotować tekst omówienia uzyskanych wyników
Connections with FLO:
  • IS1A_U03
    The graduate is able to compile documentation, both in Polish and in English, on the implementation of a simple task or project in the field of environmental engineering and is able to prepare a text discussing the results of the task or project
  • IS1A_U07
    The graduate uses computer programs to perform typical environmental engineering tasks, including a spreadsheet, statistical analysis software, vector graphics software, raster graphics processing software
  • OS1A_U04
    The graduate performs simple research assignments or expertise under the guidance of a scientific supervisor.
  • OS1A_U13
    The graduate is capable of self –guided, targeted learning.
  • OS1A_U20
    The graduate is capable of critical analysis and evaluation of the performance of the existing technical solutions, in particular, of the equipment, facilities, systems, processes and services, in the field of environmental protection.