Module learning outcome data:
Technical Thermodynamics
Learning outcome:
Student ma wiedzę w zakresie obliczania ustalonego przepływu ciepła.
Connections with FLO:
  • IS1A_W02
    The graduate has knowledge of classical physics, applicable to understanding, describing and analysing physical phenomena occurring in the environment, and to formulating and solving simple tasks related to the selected environmental engineering issues; is also acquainted with the principles of conducting and elaborating on the results of physical measurements
  • IS1A_W04
    The graduate knows the principles of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics used to describe heat and mass transfer and energy conversion, and other physical phenomena occurring in technological processes
  • IS1A_W05
    The graduate has knowledge of chemistry, including the foundations of inorganic chemistry and the basics of selected issues of organic chemistry; knows the basic properties of the most important chemical elements and groups of compounds, applicable to understanding the basics of selected issues of environmental chemistry and environmental pollution ; also knows basic laboratory procedures
  • IS1A_U19
    The graduate is able to use known mathematical tools and techniques to describe and analyse basic physical and technical issues ; is able to use knowledge of probabilistic methods to analyse experimental data.