Module learning outcome data:
Field practise of cartography
Learning outcome:
Potrafi zaplanować prace kartograficzne uwzględniając odpowiednie ramy czasowe, zasady bezpieczeństwa pracy w terenie i pozatechniczne skutki tej działalności
Connections with FLO:
  • IS1A_W22
    The graduate has basic knowledge of the principles of health and safety at work; knows the principles of safe handling of chemicals
  • IS1A_U13
    The graduate applies in practice basic principles of safety and health at work, including working in specialized laboratories in the field of environmental engineering
  • IS1A_K02
    The graduate is aware of the importance and understands the non-technical aspects and consequences of the engineering activity, particularly its environmental impact as well as related dilemmas and responsibility for decisions taken
  • IS1A_K03
    The graduate is aware of their responsibility and is able to identify priorities for the realization of a task; is willing to constructively engage with others and take responsibility for jointly implemented tasks