Module learning outcome data:
Water balance modelling
Learning outcome:
Ma podstawową wiedzę na temat numerycznych modeli zlewni. Posiada wiedzę o możliwościach i zasadch modelowania hydrologicznego zlewni w celu określenia wartości elementów bilansu wodnego.
Connections with FLO:
  • OS1A_W01
    The graduate has knowledge of geology and hydrology, including the basics of general geology, mineralogy and petrography, geomorphology and quaternary geology, hydrology and hydrogeology, applicable to understanding, describing and analyzing selected environmental protection issues.
  • OS1A_W02
    The graduate has basic knowledge of selected aspects related to environmental protection.
  • OS1A_W03
    The graduate has basic knowledge of selected aspects of applied computer science.
  • OS1A_W12
    The graduate has knowledge of computer science and statistics allowing for the description and interpretation of phenomena occurring in the environment.
  • OS1A_W21
    The graduate knows basic methods, techniques, tools and materials used to solve simple engineering tasks related to environmental protection.