Module learning outcome data:
Validation of Analytical Methods
Learning outcome:
Umie ocenić przydatność standardowych metod analitycznych do stosowania w inżynierii i monitoringu środowiska, a także wybrać oraz stosować właściwą metodę i aparaturę analityczną.
Connections with FLO:
  • OS1A_W10
    The graduate has knowledge of chemistry, including the foundations of inorganic chemistry and the basis of selected aspects of organic chemistry, knows the basic properties of the most important chemical elements and groups of compounds, applicable to understanding the basics of selected issues of environmental chemistry and environmental pollution.
  • OS1A_W11
    The graduate has knowledge of basic definitions and terminology in the field of environmental protection and knows the development and research methods used in mathematical and natural sciences and environmental sciences.
  • OS1A_U01
    The graduate applies basic techniques and research tools in the field of mathematical and natural sciences, and environmental sciences; interprets the results of analyses.