Module learning outcome data:
Instalacje solarne termiczne - projekt
Learning outcome:
Student ma wiedzę w zakresie doboru parametrów termodynamicznych, optycznych, hydraulicznych i mechanicznych różnych podzespołów systemów termosolarnych dla konkretnych zastosowań.
Connections with FLO:
  • EZ1A_W16
    The graduate has knowledge on the acquisition and use of energy from renewable sources, and installations used for this purpose
  • EZ1A_U02
    The graduate applies basic techniques, research tools and interpretations applied for learning about the phenomena taking place in the atmosphere, using literature, electronic sources and Polish and English language software
  • EZ1A_U09
    The graduate can prepare, both in Polish and in English, a presentation containing the possible solutions to the addressed problem and prepare the necessary technical documentation
  • EZ1A_U12
    The graduate can determine the design assumptions needed to develop or calculate energy system and to interpret the obtained results