Module learning outcome data:
Instalacje solarne termiczne - projekt
Learning outcome:
Student potrafi wykonać projekt systemu solarnego wykorzystującego zjawiska konwersji energii promieniowania słonecznego na ciepło.
Connections with FLO:
  • EZ1A_U03
    The graduate can conduct, using basic statistical methods, algorithms and information technologies, a proper analysis of data on the phenomena and processes taking place in nature as regards obtaining energy from renewable sources
  • EZ1A_U05
    The graduate can use known rules and methods of physics and the corresponding mathematical tools to solve common tasks; can perform physical measurements and develop and present their results
  • EZ1A_U12
    The graduate can determine the design assumptions needed to develop or calculate energy system and to interpret the obtained results
  • EZ1A_U15
    The graduate can perform simulations and execute projects on specialized software
  • EZ1A_U16
    The graduate can design energy installation based on ecological and renewable energy sources and carry out a technical and economic analysis against the conventional energy systems
  • EZ1A_U17
    The graduate is capable of selecting and analyzing simple energy systems to meet the expected requirements