Module learning outcome data:
Seminarium dyplomowe
Learning outcome:
Student potrafi wykonując projekt inżynierski dostrzegać złożoność zagadnień z nim związanych oraz oddziaływanie projektowanego sposobu rozwiązania zadania na środowisko naturalne; ma świadomość ważności pozatechnicznych skutków projektowanego zadania oraz właściwie postrzega związane z tym dylematy i odpowiedzialność za podjęte decyzje w tym zakresie
Connections with FLO:
  • EZ1A_W07
    The graduate has knowledge of chemistry, including the terminology, concepts and laws of chemistry, principles of safe work with chemicals, basic operations and processes performed in laboratory practice, elements of nuclear chemistry, elements of physics and chemistry, as well as the properties of the most important chemical elements and groups of chemical compounds
  • EZ1A_U02
    The graduate applies basic techniques, research tools and interpretations applied for learning about the phenomena taking place in the atmosphere, using literature, electronic sources and Polish and English language software
  • EZ1A_U03
    The graduate can conduct, using basic statistical methods, algorithms and information technologies, a proper analysis of data on the phenomena and processes taking place in nature as regards obtaining energy from renewable sources
  • EZ1A_K01
    The graduate understands the importance of lifelong learning and is familiar with the continuous training programs (courses, postgraduate studies, second-cycle studies), including self and group learning
  • EZ1A_K02
    The graduate can appropriately determine the priorities for accomplishing a task as determined by themselves or others