Module learning outcome data:
Seminarium dyplomowe
Learning outcome:
Student potrafi pozyskiwać niezbędne do projektu informacje i dane z różnych źródeł, właściwie je integrować oraz wyciągać podstawowe uzasadnione wnioski
Connections with FLO:
  • EZ1A_W05
    The graduate has knowledge of mathematics, including mathematical analysis, linear algebra, analytic geometry, mathematical statistics and probability theory
  • EZ1A_U03
    The graduate can conduct, using basic statistical methods, algorithms and information technologies, a proper analysis of data on the phenomena and processes taking place in nature as regards obtaining energy from renewable sources
  • EZ1A_U04
    The graduate can employ the rules of strict and logical thinking and use known mathematical tools and techniques to describe and analyze basic natural and technical processes; can apply probability knowledge to the analysis of experimental data
  • EZ1A_U07
    The graduate possesses the skill of self-study, which he uses , i.a. in order to improve professional competence
  • EZ1A_U09
    The graduate can prepare, both in Polish and in English, a presentation containing the possible solutions to the addressed problem and prepare the necessary technical documentation