Module learning outcome data:
Social competence
Seminarium dyplomowe
Learning outcome:
Student ma świadomość ograniczenia własnej wiedzy i rozumie potrzebę dalszego dokształcania; ma umiejętność samokształcenia
Connections with FLO:
  • EZ1A_K01
    The graduate understands the importance of lifelong learning and is familiar with the continuous training programs (courses, postgraduate studies, second-cycle studies), including self and group learning
  • EZ1A_K03
    The graduate exhibits self-responsibility for their individual contribution; has the ability to work in a team and is willing to take responsibility for jointly implemented tasks
  • EZ1A_K04
    The graduate is aware of the importance of professional conduct , adherence to the principles of professional ethics and respect for diversity of views and cultures
  • EZ1A_K07
    The graduate is aware of the importance of the non-technical aspects and understands the effects of the activity of the engineer (specialist in the field of ecological and renewable energy sources), including its environmental impact and the associated responsibility for the decisions taken