Module learning outcome data:
Social competence
Seminarium doktorskie IV
Learning outcome:
Student potrafi odnieść własne badania do szerszego kontekstu wiedzy współczesnej. Przedstawiając wyniki badań naukowych przestrzega zasady ochrony praw autorskich.
Connections with FLO:
  • BF3A_K01
    Realises the need of constant learning, widening his/her professional and personal competencies; most of all – focusing at and analyzing the latest developments in the domain he/she works in.
  • BF3A_K02
    Is aware of the side-aspects (e.g. ethical, environmental) of the scientific program he/she realizes. Is conscious of his/her responsibility for the undertaken decisions.
  • BF3A_K03
    Realizes the importance of conducting him(her)self professionally in accordance with ethical standards of his/her professional environment.