Module learning outcome data:
Seminar in Contemporary Physics I: solid state, nanophysics, new materials
Learning outcome:
Posiada dobrą orientację w aktualnych osiągnięciach dotyczących wykorzystania fizyki ciała stałego dla potrzeb elektroniki. Demonstrates knowledge on current developments in utilization of solid state physics for electronic applications.
Connections with FLO:
  • FI3A_W02
    Demonstrates a deeper knowledge concerning the general methodology of scientific research; knows how to prepare a scientific paper and is able to present adequately the results of the conducted scientific research.
  • FI3A_W03
    Has a general and fundamental knowledge of how to conduct classes (seminars, laboratory training) with students; demonstrates a wider didactic know-how in the domain his/her research activities.
  • FI3A_W04
    Demonstrates knowledge of selected problems of the philosophy of science and/or micro- and macro-economics.
  • FI3A_U01
    Knows how to formulate and solve various scientific problems of a relatively high complexity; knows how to secure the most actual information in the scientific domain he/she belongs to.